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Wilson Duo Soft Golf Balls

Wilson Duo Soft Golf Balls

If you have a mid-to-slow swing speed, a low compression golf ball will help you maximise distance. Well, it literally doesn't get any better in this category than the Wilson Duo Soft. As soon as you put it into play you'll notice the premium soft feel that golfers love, and then be prepared to be blown away by the distance on offer.

  • Velocity boosting additive in core for increased distance
  • Low compression core and mid-hardness cover for soft feel
  • Low driver spin rate for straighter ball flights
  • Available in white or yellow
  • Available in a range of other Optix colourways

"If you were ever a fan of the immensely popular Dx2 Soft balls from Wilson, this is the new and vastly improved version that offers incredible distance and feel. "

Wilson Duo Soft Golf Balls

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